Introduction to Computer Programming

This course provides a solid Computer Science Principles High School background. This course focuses on the Concepts, Practices, and Perspectives of Computational Thinking. It introduces students to programming through game design and development using GameMaker Studio, building web pages using HTML5 and CSS3, building web sites using the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS), open source projects including Linux, Arduino based electronics and robotics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python for scientific modeling. This is meant to be a broad overview of computer science as opposed to an in-depth course in a single language.

Computer Applications

This course is for students who want to learn how to use many computer applications that are prevalent in the world. Topics (and programs) covered will include Image Editing and Graphics Design (Web Apps, GIMP), 3D Design and Modeling (Blender, SketchUp), Building and Designing Web Pages using HTML and CSS, and Google Apps.

IB Computer Science SL

A course designed to provide a good background for students who are going into computer science, engineering, or science fields. This course requires completion of a summer assignment.

IB Computer Science SL 2

Designed to provide the second half of the curriculum required by the International Baccalaureate program. Both halves of the curriculum provide a good background for students who are going into computer science, engineering, or science fields. This course allows for a student to successfully complete the IB CS SL assessment papers. Standards and proficiencies are available online on the IBO site. This course requires completion of a summer assignment, successful completion of IB CS SL, and instructor approval.

Essentials of Game Programming

Students will learn the game development process by creating several computer games using the Unity game engine. Students will then apply the game development process to the complex virtual worlds in 3D game design. Students are strongly encouraged to complete Introduction to Programming but as this is a multidisciplinary course, they may be successful with other expertise. The course work will involve art, animation, programming, music, sound and writing. Unity3D features a high-level scripting language for more advanced control over the software development process. This course is intended for students who have completed Algebra 1 (A or B) or Introduction to Programming (A or B) or have instructor approval.